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Hi, I’m Kari

I am here to partner with you! Here to help figure Things out! . Discover what thoughts, experiences, Traumas, events, habits, have been holding you back From your personal and professional goals and dream: The REAL you!

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University of Wisconsin

Rasmussen College

Registered Nurse MN/WI

ACE Personal Trainer

Marisa Peer Rapid Transformational Therapist

Health Coach/Keto Coach Dr Berg

Health Coach Institute

Elyse's Testimonial


Kari's Words

Ellen is down over 80 pounds which of course she is super happy about! BUT she’s even happier to be free from food addiction and self loathing. More important than the weight loss, she has chosen to LOVE herself completely, heal so many wounds and find inner peace and joy.

We have been working together for 6 months and she is moving mountains!

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Ellen's Testimonial


Ellen's Review

I love the virtual bypass surgery session. It has really helped me to curb my appetite. I think it is the tennis ball visualization because when I look at my plate of food I imagine it as that size. It’s also great to get me always thinking about healthy, whole foods. I used to have second helpings and now I feel full to the point I never have that urge anymore. I listen to it when I go to bed at night on my phone with my ear buds, it is so easy. Thanks Kari!

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